Imitating Nature

Denver Botanic Gardens

This new iconic structure raises awareness for Denver Botanic Gardens' important work in botanical and environmental research. Both form and skin of the building were inspired by natural phenomena - the former mimics the collision of two tectonic plates; the latter recalls the honeycomb pattern of a beehive composed of almost five hundred hexagonal Swisspearl® panels.

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1007 York Street, Denver, USA

Type of building

Public Building


Burkettdesign, Denver, USA

Installed Swisspearl® products

Swisspearl® CARAT, Black Opal 7020R

Installed Swisspearl® panels in m2




Building period



JC Buck, Black Bike Productions, Denver, USA

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95% of Swisspearl® fiber cement is made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverized limestone, water and air. This ensures an effective protection of material resources, avoiding unnecessary transport distances. 

Swisspearl® fiber cement panels are manufactured with low energy and a high level of environmental awareness. The manufacturing process based on a closed water cycle and a slow natural 28 days curing time requires little energy. Within the factory, panels are only transported by electric lifting trucks , - i.e. no colloid dust. The panels are 100% environmentally friendly since neither the raw materials nor the production process contain any dangerous substances.

With a lifetime of over 40 years, Swisspearl® improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope. When developing its products, Swisspearl® draws on its own exciting history, and examples of pioneering architecture, as well as seminal advancements in technology. This is what also makes Swisspearl® the sustainable material of tomorrow.

The Swisspearl® cladding system is in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This provides the key to energy conserving solutions both for winter and summer and effectively protects the building structure from the elements for a very long time.

Swisspearl® - A Swiss pearl for the environment.

Swiss Premium

Swisspearl® products, manufactured to Swiss quality standards, from the Swiss workshops in Niederurnen and Payerne have become an essential part of Swiss building culture and have also quickly won over the rest of the (building) world. Swiss authorities testify to over 40 years of functional life expectancy.

Swisspearl®'s Research & Development teams have always expanded their unique expertise regarding fiber cement material technology, coloration and application of whole systems. These significant technological progresses are the backbone of the Swiss quality.

95% of Swisspearl® fiber cement is made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverized limestone, water and air.

Swisspearl® - A Swiss pearl for the world.


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